Profile In The Star


The Star have asked all candidates to provide 150 words about their election – so no length at all.

Here is what The Star published :::

Jack is the current Sheffield Council cabinet member for environment, recycling and street scene. He is the CEO of a local Sheffield charity that supports vulnerable children and families.

He said: “I’ve worked in Arbourthorne for four years. In that time, I’ve helped hundreds of local people with problems around housing, crime, anti-social behaviour and improving our environment.

“By working together, we’ve achieved some very good things, such as the new playground in Arbourthorne and the new homes in Norfolk Park. We’ve also seen new roads at the top of the estate with more to come.

“This election is about people in Arbourthorne choosing someone who will stand up for them against this government and work with everyone in our community to make it better.

“Arbourthorne ward is a great community. It is the one of the first things I think about in the morning and one of the last things I think about at night. I will always stand up for its residents.”

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