Streets Ahead Celebrates Second Birthday

Streets Ahead is two years old! Listen to my interview here:


From Ewden in the North to Totley in the South, Tinsley in the East to Bradfield in the West, Streets Ahead is transforming and improving Sheffield’s roads, pavements and streetscene.


The 25 year programme has celebrated its second anniversary with the announcement that nearly 250 miles of road have been resurfaced along with more than 300 miles of pavements and footpath and that over 22,000 pot holes have been repaired.


In addition, street cleaning teams routinely empty 3,334 bins each week, 14,322 new LED streetlights have been installed and 64 new traffic signal schemes have been completed.


Cllr Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling and Streetscene, said: “We are very proud of the Streets Ahead project and delighted to be celebrating our 2nd anniversary. Over the past two years we have seen what a huge difference the project is making across the city. We can see better lighting; smoother roads and pavements and an improving streetscene.


“We have experienced some challenges on the way but we never expected this project to happen overnight. We are working hard to address some of the challenges and are confident that the city will continue to see their streets improving for the better.”


Rob Allen the Streets Ahead Business Director said: “These figures give some idea of the scale and scope of the Streets Ahead project which was launched in August 2012 to provide Sheffield with a highways network that is second to none.


“It is the biggest, most ambitious project of its kind in the UK and as such, has provided us with some big challenges.


“Looking at highways alone, we have committed to bringing Sheffield’s roads up to standard by August 2017, from the heavily used main routes that carry the bulk of the city’s commuters to side streets choked with parked cars.


“In order to achieve this we have to send out hundreds of thousands of letters to residents, closed roads, manage traffic, put  diversions in place, worked at night and ask residents to move their cars.


“Our work does cause people inconvenience but once the first five years of the contract are over, the city and its residents will be able to enjoy the benefits of smooth roads and pavements, brighter and more energy efficient LED lighting and improved road drainage.”


Key achievements by Streets Ahead include:


  • Resurfaced roads: 246.5 miles
  • Resurfaced pavements: 302 miles
  • Numbers of reported potholes repaired: 22,682
  • New street light lanterns installed: 14,322
  • Street cleaning: 3,334 bins are emptied every week, 500-600 tonnes of litter are collected every month and street cleaning teams have responded to 23,127 reports of litter, flytipping and graffiti.
  • Grass cutting: More than 25 million square metres of grass verges have been cut, the equivalent of 5050 football pitches.
  • 141 Structures repaired, strengthened and restored: from bridge strengthening schemes to culverts.
  • Number of drainage gullies replaced: 1,349, and 131,901 cleaned.
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