Sheffield Star Editorial: South Yorkshire is Stronger in Europe

Some thoughts from the Sheffield Star about the Sheffield’s place in Europe…

South Yorkshire 4 EU


The Sheffield Star newspaper recently ran an editorial entitled: The EU helped Sheffield – we can’t leave now. The text is reproduced below: 

Immigrants are pouring over the borders while Brussels bureaucrats suffocate the UK under an avalanche of red tape, if you believe the rhetoric pumped out by anti-EU tub-thumpers.

But there is no doubt in my mind that the EU has been a huge benefit to Sheffield.

You can’t walk through the city centre without seeing a development made possible through £1billion of EU money since the 1990s: the Peace Gardens, Tudor Square and the Advanced Manufacturing Retail Park, the Winter Garden, the Millennium Gallery and much of Sheffield Station.

As you read this, construction continues at West Bar, where a £3.6million Grey to Green scheme is set to modernise the area.

The sign in front of the diggers has an EU flag on.

EU cash helped turn things…

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