Sheffield Labour Council paints town red for safer streets

redlines.jpgSheffield City Council has begun announcing its red lines when it comes to road safety outside schools.

A new traffic regulation order for the city’s first red route – where double red lines replace the more common double yellow lines on busy main roads, outside schools and on bus routes – has now been advertised by the council.

Councillor Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Transport and Development at Sheffield City Council said:

“Nothing is more important to me than the safety of our city’s children, so now that we have these powers, I am determined to use them quickly and firmly.

“It only takes a second to create a hazard around a school. Red Routes are a big step forward to stop people from parking dangerously.

“I want to be as clear as possible about parking on red lines: There is no waiting, no parking, no excuses and no second chances. If you do it, we will find you and we will fine you.

“The safety of children comes before anything else, so do not put this at risk.”

Sheffield is set to become one of the first cities outside of London to introduce “red routes”, following a change in the law last year.

Red routes have a tougher zero tolerance approach to traffic violations – no stopping or waiting is allowed for any length of time under any circumstances. Breaching this can lead to an immediate fixed penalty notice or fine.

The first red route is proposed to be on Baslow Road near Totley Primary School, which is being expanded to accommodate more pupils. The proposed scheme includes a signal controlled crossing on Baslow Road near Totley Grange Road.

Restrictions on parking are to be introduced along Baslow Road and Totley Grange Road to allow the safe operation of the crossing. Red Route restrictions will prevent stopping on Baslow Road and the junction of Totley Grange Road. This includes a prohibition on the picking up and setting down of passengers.

The introduction of more red routes is part of the council’s new parking strategy and can be found here:

Sheffield School Children Adopt A Gritter

With children from Arbourthorne Primary School

With children from Arbourthorne Primary School

Thirteen of Sheffield’s fleet of gritters now have their very own personality, thanks to creative school children across the city who have named the vehicles.

The Streets Ahead team who grit the roads when winter descends, challenged pupils from 13 different schools across the city to come up with a suitable wintry name for each of the gritting vehicles.

Gretta Gritta, Ice Warrior, Sammy Snow, Selwyn Salt, The Bear, Melter Skelter, Girty Gritter, Snowy Steve, The Gritternator, Gritgrinder, General Grit, Steel City Gritter and Snow Catcher will be seen working hard this winter to keep the roads of Sheffield safe when temperatures drop below zero.

Cllr Jack Scott, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling and Streetscene, said:  “Asking children to get involved with naming our fleet of gritters is really exciting for them, especially when they see their adopted gritter out on the streets of Sheffield during the winter months. Children have a wonderful imagination and some fantastic wintry themed names were suggested. Well done to all the pupils that took part.

“We have made some changes to our winter maintenance service this year and this also includes some of our gritting routes and location of grit bins. By working with the schools this also gave us a good opportunity to inform parents of the changes we have made and to encourage them to prepare themselves this winter.”

Streets Ahead’s Highways Operations Manager, Jim Pursglove, added: “We’re really excited that our snow gritters have been named by local children. We’ve also been into schools and spoken to the children about keeping safe when ice and snow is on the ground. We like to get schools involved with lots of our Streets Ahead projects where possible, engaging them in the work that we do across the city.

“The Streets Ahead team are ready for the winter and have over 16,000 tonnes of grit and 19 gritters and snow ploughs, as well as 15 tractor ploughs.”

More information about Sheffield’s gritting service .

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