Council Tax Benefit

David Cameron says we’re ‘all in this together’ but in April this year he imposed a council tax increase which hit Britain’s strivers and the most vulnerable.


From April this year, over two million people – people in work, carers, the disabled, veterans and war widows – saw their council tax go up. Why?

Because the Government cut the funding that goes to the Council to keep their council tax down – and it’s ordinary people who are paying the price. At the same time David Cameron chose to give every millionaire a tax cut worth £100,000 a year.

And he did this with the complete and full support of the Liberal Democrats. They had the chance to stop this. And they didn’t take it.

The Tories are asking working people to pay more while millionaires pay less. It’s not just unfair – it’s completely wrong. And it shows that David Cameron is completely out of touch.